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I hope all is going well. I just wanted to say hi.

Have any of you heard that Harry and his wife are expecting a baby? I have a question for you, how many (if any) kids does Harry have? I just noticed that I have no clue. Also, is he still appearing on Will and Grace?

So, random thought. I'm originally from Washington state, and about 5 years ago I moved down to Florida. So, while I was in Washington I noticed that the East coast had all these big things and events happening while the West coast didn't. Now I find myself thinking that the East coast has nothing while the West coast has everything. LOL! Harry is doing a short Big Band tour in the West coast, which would be nice to see. But here I stay (at least for a few more months) in sunny Florida, bored with the silly theme parks, and stupid tourists. ::grins:: You know the second I move back to Washington, nothing will be happening on the West coast, and it will all move the the East coast. Why is the grass greener over there, then it is here??? LOL!!!
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