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See Harry LIVE in NYC! [14 Sep 2009|05:24pm]

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See Harry's private performance in NYC on Wednesday, September 23rd! This show is by invite-only and the only chance you have to see him is by entering to win!
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Harry icons [12 Jan 2009|02:38pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

I made a few icons........Harry included!!   :)



*Freddy, Freddy, how he thrills me, uh-huh!!*Collapse )</div></span></div>

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Independence Day RiffTrax Released! [24 Aug 2007|09:38am]

Mystery Science Theater 3000's Mike Nelson, Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy, have released their RiffTrax for Independence Day!

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Harry Goes to New Orleans to Survey Damage... [06 Sep 2005|01:58pm]

NEW YORK - Traveling by boat and wading through foul-smelling water, Harry Connick Jr. surveyed the damage by Hurricane Katrina to his father's New Orleans home.

It wasn't as bad as Connick had feared. "It looks like pop's house made it through," he said. "Everything looks like it's pretty dry."

Connick returned to New Orleans Monday, a trip documented for NBC's "Today" show and aired Tuesday. He had traveled to the city last week.

His father, Harry Connick Sr., served as district attorney of New Orleans for 29 years before retiring in 2003. Last week, the 37-year-old jazz singer said all of his immediate family were safe.

Like many, Connick wanted to return to protect his family's house: "I don't want to get looted by the one-eyed rogue crackhead out there."

Connick performed Friday night on "A Concert for Hurricane Relief," which aired on NBC and other networks. He has agreed to be honorary chair of Habitat for Humanity's "Operation Home Delivery," a long-term rebuilding plan for the hurricane-damaged Gulf Coast.

The trip through the flooded city left the singer — who had developed his music in jazz bands and at clubs in the French Quarter_ shaken.

"I forgot I was a musician," he said. "It's so much bigger than me and bigger than all of us."

Nevertheless, with the floodwaters slowly receding, Connick saw reason for optimism. After the sight of a bar open on Bourbon Street, "I said, `Man, if this isn't a sign of New Orleans coming back to its former state.'"


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Baby-O-Baby [24 Feb 2005|09:43am]

[ mood | okay ]

I hope all is going well. I just wanted to say hi.

Have any of you heard that Harry and his wife are expecting a baby? I have a question for you, how many (if any) kids does Harry have? I just noticed that I have no clue. Also, is he still appearing on Will and Grace?

So, random thought. I'm originally from Washington state, and about 5 years ago I moved down to Florida. So, while I was in Washington I noticed that the East coast had all these big things and events happening while the West coast didn't. Now I find myself thinking that the East coast has nothing while the West coast has everything. LOL! Harry is doing a short Big Band tour in the West coast, which would be nice to see. But here I stay (at least for a few more months) in sunny Florida, bored with the silly theme parks, and stupid tourists. ::grins:: You know the second I move back to Washington, nothing will be happening on the West coast, and it will all move the the East coast. Why is the grass greener over there, then it is here??? LOL!!!

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Welcome [13 Feb 2004|12:09am]

[ mood | busy ]

I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Ruby, I created this community for fans of the actor, composer, and singer that is Harry Connick, Jr. Feel free to discuss issues that aren't just Harry, but please try to keep it clean. If it wonders to far from the subject, please take into another journal, or into emails. I want you to feel like you can make some good friends, so don't hesitate to share good news or bad news with us. Sometimes it's best to express your feelings, even if you don't actually know the people. You know, sometimes strangers give the best advice.
So, come on in. Introduce yourself, and if you have a favorite movie or album feel free to share what they are, and why you like them so much.

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